Defence in depth

In November 2019, the Daily Telegraph launched a five-part series of long reads exploring Britain’s security in the 21st Century. The project was part of subscription sprint. We worked in close collaboration with Dominic Nicholls, the Defence correspondent, the Graphics and the New Formats teams to find visual and clever ways to attract potential new readers. The aim was to make a series about modern warfare approchable for a broader audience

We came up with an individual look and feel for each part of the series inspired by WW1 topography, advancement maps and cryptography. We also created and integrated participatory elements within the articles like interactive games including a coded message, strategic game of choice and pilot aptitude tests.

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Art direction and design with Hanna Kainulainen
Graphics: Richard Burgess and Fraser Lyness
Web development: David Stevenson
Motion design: Zhenqing Du