Telegraph Snapchat

Art direction of the daily and weekend Telegraph Snapchat content.
The Telegraph's daily edition on Snapchat has become a go-to for best-practice in short-form visual storytelling and design innovation in the newsroom. Producing between 10-15 'topsnap' animations each day, my design team worked alongside editors to promote high-quality content in a mobile-first format, aimed specifically at the younger demographic on Snapchat (70% under 25). From the biggest news stories of the day, marrying agenda-setting photo-journalism with bespoke copy, to tech and lifestyle pieces that require inspired designs and animations to bring them to life - editors ensured that the story is told imaginatively, effectively and efficiently while design works hand-in-glove with both copy and messaging.

This format has been a huge success for the Telegraph, with stories consistently seen by over 10m unique monthly users, and with over 400k unique users engaging with Telegraph content between 3 and 7 days on Snapchat. The design and storytelling ideas on Snapchat have also been used across social and the wider Telegraph site.

Design and animation: Ruby Martin, Ellie Littelemore, Toby Dexter, Zhen Du, Lorna Milligan, Sophie Winder, Jake Hawkins, Thomas Broom