Will it kill me?

Will It Kill Me is a six part social video series that uses science to put the biggest health trends on social feeds under the microscope. The series turns the spotlight on trending health myths and popular misconceptions using serious scientific evidence to answer questions and examine claims.

I was tasked to art direct the project commissioned by Global Health Security, creating and delivering its full brand identiy and find the snappiest visual ways to illustrate health myths. We worked with a bright and reduced colour palette, simple geometric shapes and gave a large place to illustration, animation and humour. The project was a collaborative work involving motion designer, illustrator and Global Health Security journalists.

Motion design : Mia Teixeira
Illustrations : Toby Dexter
Video : Toby Saunders
Production : Jasper Fulcher, Jordan Kelly-Linden
Presented by Hajra Rahim, Billy Hodder